Thursday, January 21, 2016


We build walls around us
Put doors in it to escape out
Windows to let the air in
And ventilators to let out ill winds, sins
We make noises inside
Suppress laughter and tear alike
In maelstroms of electric wind;
We settle down and take rest
Some of us, lucky, dwell in homes
Which hold fast; together
The denizens take meals together
Around a common table, in silence or mirth
Some, unlucky, have the meals
Taken to groaning rooms
Consumed piecemeal, all sense of family lost
Life trickles to a stop

In fragments of apology
And concealed bitterness
Which reveal the 'home'
As a sanctuary
A place where we invest
All we have; and all we could
So that we can sign out
And have the people assemble
On mourning day.

Jan 21, 2016