Monday, January 21, 2008

Renewing ... blogging with Netscape Navigator 9

Some very new features on the new blogger as well as the compact NN9. So I'd better give these two some thanks before continuing.

  1. The old eyesore templates - which made the text look crammed into that 800-pixel width - have been modified.
  2. Faster, significantly faster.
  1. Quite simply, the best browser out there. NN 7.2 is still the best browser suite out there, I still use it. I loaded this new version so I could work with the new blogger - NN 7.2 simply crashes at the start page itself.
  2. Automatic spell check. This was a missing feature for a long time. (It is supported only on the latest browsers I guess.)
  3. Bad interface compared to the classy, slick front-end of the 7.2 ("Modern" theme). I hope the theme can be changed.
As I write these lines, I look up and suddenly notice the obituary: "Netscape client products will no longer be officially supported after Feb 1, 2008." What's there to say. And I was worrying about the chrome and the themes...

Rest in peace, Netscape Navigator. Web browsing will never again be the same for me. In my own terms, it is the destruction of an absolute, the coming-to-terms with an ugly reality. For more than eleven years, Netscape has offered me a ride in the Rolls.

I thank the team of developers who kept going this far despite all. It must have been hard on them, they were the best, they still are the best (one just has to look at the "Modern" theme of 7.2). They made all the innovations that stayed on and become a part of computing folklore.


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